Who is Steve Dunmire?

I am a husband, father of four, an ordained pastor who served Buffalo-Niagara region churches (urban, suburban, and rural) for 12 years. At Houghton College I serves as a “pastor to pastors” in my role as Director of Ministry Resources at Houghton College (Houghton, NY). I preach, teach, and lead worship in college chapel and in many churches every year. I also teaches 5-6 ministerial education classes for adults seeking ordination credentials and personal enrichment through Houghton College’s Equipping for Ministry program (www.Houghton.edu/EFM).

I also serves as Assistant District Superintendent of the WNY District of the Wesleyan Church. I am passionate about spiritual transformation, preaching, making disciples, raising up a new generation of pastors, and helping current pastors carry the heavy load of ministry. For more content visit SteveDunmire.com, or follow me on Twitter at @DrSteveDunmire or Instagram at @SteveDunmire

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